Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is not just a trend or fab, it simply never goes out of style. With the pollutants, chemicals, weather conditions and styling techniques that affect your hair every day, maintaining a beautiful mane can pose a challenge. The health of your hair depends on a variety of factors, both internal and external. Hereditary issues, illness, nutritional deficiencies, poor circulation, hormonal imbalance, stress and environmental factors outside their control can adversely affect the health and appearance of your hair. Once you understand the basics of hair health, you will be able to develop a routine that is healthier.

As we have entered the “green movement” era, we are considering ways to green every aspect of our lives including the use of hair care products and processes. Some of these products may contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment, or harmful to the user. Healthy hair is something that everyone in every culture strives to achieve regardless of length and texture. Hair is as different as the people it belongs to and accepting and knowing how to care for your hair is an important part of maintaining healthy hair. No one person has the same hair texture.

Textures can range from tightly coiled hair to straight and everything else in between. Determining your hair texture helps you understand which styles work best to help you achieve that healthy head of hair. People may have more than one texture type which makes hair care and styling a challenge. This guide shares information to achieve beautiful trendsetting styles, techniques for maintaining and caring for your natural tresses, and information on chemical ingredients and their potential effects on your hair and body. The guide also shares tips on selecting safe, less toxic ingredients.

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